1. Laboratory of Silviculture

In the effort of sustainable establishment and development of forest, laboratory of Silviculture prioritizes the development of silviculture science through education, training, research, establishing and developing cooperation with various governments, private, and community institutions.

  1. Laboratory of Forest Ecology

Laboratory of Forest Ecology provide facilities, and services for ecological studies, and constitute the center for forest ecology studies; establishes research cooperation with various government and private institutions; and provide consultation and research services in the field of silviculture and environment problems, herbarium services, topographic map construction, Geographic Information System (GIS) and remote sensing for forest ecology studies.

  1. Laboratory of Forest Entomology

Laboratory of Forest Entomology deals with insect diversity, apiculture, silkworm, pest insect and insecticide; establishes research cooperation in the field of forest entomology with competent institutions; provide consultation services and training; and develop students and community to become reliable entrepreneur in the field of apiculture and honey production, silkworm culture, collection of ornamental insects, and utilization of forest insects.

  1. Laboratory of Forest Pathology

Laboratory of Forest Pathology conducts education, training and establishes cooperation in the field of forest pathology, provides services of analyzing and identification of diseased forest plants, and conduct training for mushroom cultivation to develop entrepreneurship.

  1. Laboratory of Forest Influence

Laboratory of Forest Influence attempts to develop the sciences of forest influence, conduct research and education programs, provides information for student and communities, provide consultation service and analyze issues of forest influences (hydrological function of forest, watershed, soil and water conservation, hydrological modeling, mapping) for nature conservation.

  1. Laboratory of Forest and Land Fire

Laboratory of Forest and Land Fire conducts lecture and practice class for forest and land fire subjects; provide guidance and consultation for forest and land fire prevention, control, and evaluation of forest and land fire impacts; establish research cooperation with various.