Silviculture sciences play very important role in sustainable forest management through ensuring the sustainability of forest ecosystem functions (habitat, regulation, production, and information funtions), and increasing positive impact toward socio-economic in maintaining and improving forest productivity, as well as in achieving sustainable development.

Studies on forest ecosystem functions need further research, sharing and dissemination of research report among stakeholders. Therefore, it needs a forum to facilitate sharing and dissemination for academicians, researchers, practitioners, and policy makers.

The 2nd International Conference on Tropical Silviculture is organized by Department of Silviculture, Faculty of Forestry, IPB Univeristy (Bogor Agricultural University) on 10 – 11 September 2019 at IPB International Conference Center, Bogor – Indonesia, with the theme: “Forest research and innovation for sustainable development”. This conference is expected to contribute in sharing information, knowledge, innovation, as well as providing solutions to various problems and obstacles in achieving sustainable forest. Furthermore, outputs of this activity will be published in international and national accredited journals, e.g.: BIOTROPIA, IOP Conference Series: Earth & Environmental Science, and Jurnal Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (JIPI). This conference attended by around 200 participants from academicians, researchers, practitioners, and policy makers from Indonesia, USA, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, and Australia. In this conference, the keynote and invited speakers as well as general and student speakers share their research, innovations and experiences on 7 topics, e.g. Biodiversity, Forest fire & climate change, Agroforestry & forest plantation, Ecosystem services, Non-timber forest product, Un-even aged silviculture and Forest degradation & rehabilitation. In this conference, 4 keynote speakers present their extraordinary work and experiences, they are: Prof. Johann Georg Goldammer (Max Planck Institute for Chemistry c/o Freiburg University, Germany), Prof. Hiromi Mizunaga (Faculty of Agriculture, Shizouka University, Japan), Prof. Mark A. Cochrane (University of Maryland Center for Environmental / UMCES, USA) and Dr. Agus Justianto (Director General of Research Development & Innovation Agency – Ministry of Environment & Forestry, Indonesia).