Nur Badri, a young man born in Limbung, Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi, who is familiarly called Badri. He has a some of achievements and has recognized as an Outstanding Student of Silviculture Department as well as the Faculty of Forestry in 2018 by carrying out a scientific work titled “Forester Hero Card: Innovation of Community Forest Governance Models in Indonesia (Capital, Insurance and Marketing)”. He was born in September 1997 in the midst of a very romantic farm labor family couple. He is also a student recipient of National Bidikmisi Scholarships from the government. Currently, he is a graduate student of the Department of Silviculture, Faculty of Forestry, IPB Univeristy, batch 52, who just completed his studies a few weeks ago and has earned a degree as a Bachelor of Forestry. (S.Hut).

During his studies at the Silviculture Department, he learned a lot about applying silviculture, so that one of his big dreams was to become a Forestry Diplomat. In addition to valuable knowledge, he also gained many memorable experiences while being a student and meeting extraordinary friends and family members who were as warm as his own family. “In the Silviculture Department, I am taught to be a student who values ​​every process that I do, because it is the basis for becoming a true foresters who is full of responsibility,” said Badri. According to him, studying in the Silviculture Department was a most beautiful way of life, aside from the fact that this department was his first choice, he also learned a lot about self-management including how to organize learning and practicum activities, take part in competitions, organizations and leadership as well as community service activities.

As a student in the Silviculture Department, he is an ordinary student who is still weak and thirsty for knowledge. Just like other students, he also has millions of dreams and hopes to be achieved, always trying to keep the spirit to move forward, always trying to get up quickly if he is down and always try to do the best for every process he takes. He tried to make the most of the opportunity he got while studying at the Silviculture Department. “I could only get this opportunity once, so I have to develop the best strategy to take advantage of this opportunity,” said Badri. Through this opportunity, alumni from the Student Research Olympiad (OPSI) have made many achievements.

When entering the department, he has made many academic and non-academic achievements in bringing the good name of the Silviculture Department both at national and international levels. At the national level, some of the achievements he has achieved are the 1st winner of the National Essay of Environmental Competition at Unswagati Cirebon 2017, 1st winner in the National Waste Management Idea, 1st winner in the Writing Competition about peat at IPB 2018, 2nd winner in the Scientific Poster Competition at Makassar Unhas 2016, 2nd place in the Islamic Economics Essay at STEI SEBI Depok 2018, 2nd place in the Transportation Innovation Essay Competition in Unpar2019, 2nd place in the Environmental Planning Essay at the Polytechnic of the Ministry of Health Jakarta II in 2017, 2nd place in the Maritime Essay Competition in Unpatti Ambon 2017, 2nd runner up ASEAN Model Meeting at Pertamina University Jakarta, 2nd place SDGs Essay in Unej 2018, 3rd place in the karst debate competition at IPB 2017, 3rd place in LKTI Education at IKIP PGRI Madiun 2016 and 3rd place in LKTI electro 2018. At the international levels, some of the achievements that he has achieved are the Gold Medal at the World Young Innovation Award in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2017, Gold Prize at the International Young Inventors Award in Mercu Buana University 2017, 2nd Winner Position at the ASIA Innovation Show Competition at UTM Penang Malaysia 2018, 3rd Winner at the International Eureka Innovation Competition at UniKL MSI Kedah Malaysia 2017, Bronze Medal at the International Invention and Innovative Student Competition at Cameron Highland Malaysia 2017, Bronze Medal at the International Property Innovation Competition in Bangkok Thailand 2018 and was the Indonesian delegation at the World Young Start-up Congress in Manila Philippines and participated in volunteer activities in Cambodia and Vietnam.                     

In addition to carving out the achievements of the competition, he is also active in organizational and leadership activities such as being part of the Entomology Group at the Silvicultural Department Student Association (TGC) 2017-2018, Active Staff of the Academic Department and Achievement of the Student Executive Board (BEM) of the Faculty of Forestry 2017-2018, and has been a writer member at Forest Diggest. He was also active in leadership activities such as the Student Leadership and Management Exercise at IPB 2015, National Student Leadership and Management Exercise at STT-PLN 2018, Delegation at the Future Leader Summit in Semarang 2017 and participated in the National Leader Training at UGM 2018 and activities community development in Giyanti Village, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. Last month, he also recently completed a Forest Camp activity at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) which is a Summer Course activity for Indonesian students who are interested in learning and collaborating on forestry programs between Indonesia and Malaysia.

In closing and according to him, achievement is not about how much the champion we achieve but how much effort we have done, how much process we have enacted, how much we are able to increase our capacity and how much we have an impact on others. He hoped that he could become a person who had a positive impact on himself, his family, the people around him and even his religion also nation. He added that every road must be passed with good effort, and always entrust the results with the process, InsyaAllah the results will be maximal as well.