Rehabilitation as an effort to reforest forests and land isn’t an easy thing to do. Good rehabilitation planning is often not in line with its application in the field, so this rehabilitation takes a long time to work on. Making planting holes is one of the jobs that are classified as heavy and require a long time in rehabilitation efforts, this is due to the large number of planting holes that must be made in a large area.

The presence of motorized ground piercing equipment is expected to be able to help workers, but unfortunately, this tool has a level of comfort (ergonomics) and low safety that endanger users if used continuously. This tool produces high vibrations when used, causing workers to get tired quickly. This tool also produces noise that can cause temporary hearing loss to permanent deafness. Therefore, design innovation is needed so that this landfill activity becomes more efficient, ergonomic, comfortable and safe for workers.

Based on these problems, five IPB students created a new innovation to modify the design of a motorized ground hole tool called SILVATOR. This tool is designed to be more comfortable and safe when used so that it can increase the productivity and capacity of making planting holes to make time effective in rehabilitation efforts.

Silvator Team, chaired by Bagas Adji Prabowo (student of the Department of Silviculture, Faculty of Forestry) and 4 friends namely Wahyu Hartato and Syifa Paxia Rinaldi (students of the Department of Silviculture, Faculty of Forestry), Mu’minah Mustaqimah and Hendi Okta Kurniawan (students of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Biosystem, Faculty of Agricultural Technology) designed a Silvator with a height control lever, so that only by turning the lever, the user can easily lower and raise the hole auger.

Silvator is equipped with a frame that is easily changed and forms a certain angle so that it can be used in flat land and sloping land. In addition, the Silvator has two rubber wheels on the front and flexible wheels on the back so that it can be ascertained that the Silvator is easy to move from the planting hole point to another planting hole without the hassle of lifting the planting hole.

Silvator is able to make a hole up to a diameter of 20 cm with a depth of 45 cm from dry land to gravel land. The Silvator design makes the vibration of the device almost imperceptible (0.08 m / s2) and the noise level decreases from 6-9 dB to 84-86 dB, so this tool is safe for continuous use by its users. Easy operation makes this tool can be used by all groups, from men or women and teenagers to adults. In other words, Silvator has the comfort (ergonomics) and higher security to use compared to the motorized ground hole tool that is available at this time. In addition, this Silvator is user friendly, easy to carry, move and operate with only one operator. Silvator made his first achievement by being chosen as the first rank among 12 innovations of IPB students in the 2016 IPB Tanoto Student Research Award competition. The Silvator achievement was announced at the final presentation of the Tanoto Student Research Award at the IPB level on December 27, 2016 in the Andi Hakim Nasution auditorium. The Tanoto Student Research Award is a competition organized by Tanoto in collaboration with IPB to form students who are creative, innovative and open-minded in the field of research held from June to December 2016. The team also won the national Tanoto Student Research Award among all campus representatives in Indonesia held at the Tanoto Foundation headquarters, Jakarta in March 2017.