Zakaria Al Anshori, S.Hut (S.Hut : Bachelor of Science on Forestry) was born in 1992 in the northern of Java Island. Zakaria (Jeck) is one of the outstanding alumni of Department of Silviculture Faculty of Forestry, IPB University who has a special talent on forest botany. Perhaps, this talent is not owned by each people. His special skill on forest botany does not appear instantly, but through a long process since he studied at Dept. of Silviculture. Since he studied at IPB University, he showed his interest on forest ecology subject, especially on Dendrology. Then, Jack started his journey to be a forest botany in Indonesia from here.

He liked Dendrology since he learned this course in IPB University, due to he liked on adventure in the nature and he loved flora diversity in Indonesia. Dendrology is one of courses from Dept. of Silviculture that should be taken by student of Faculty of Forestry in IPB University. Dendrology is a course that observing many things about tree species, its morphology, its characteristics, and its taxonomy. Jeck has more interest on this course. He likes to observing the plant species, its morphology, and its taxonomy. Also, he likes to drawing plant illustrator. These talent are so special for him.

In 2016, Jeck successfully clutched the 3rd place on National Botany Illustration Competition. Then, in 2017 he returned to became a champion (1st place) on the National Plant Identification Competition that organized by Indonesia Science of Institute (LIPI). This moment was very special for him, due to he had to face and compete with other participants (student, academician, or professional with well skill on plant identification in Indonesia).

Nowdays, Jeck work on plant species identification and plant illustrator board. He also active as a surveyor on forest ecology and/or flora diversity project in collaboration with government or private company in Indonesia. In other hand, he also work as an Practical Assistant and Curator of Herbarium in Lab. Forest Ecology, Division of Forest Ecology, Departement of Silviculture Faculty of Forestry, IPB University. He is still learning more and more to holding his dream as a Forester with special skill as Forest Botanist and Plant Illustrator from Indonesia. As a millenial young botanist talent, he also exist on social media, such as at and Instagram (instagram_id: @jackanshori ). He has a worth message for us, “Don’t learn something for a job or money only, but learn with honest heart, so the job or money will come for you.” Finally, we wish that Zakaria Al Anshori (Jeck) will catch his dream to be a professional forest botanist and plant illustrator from Indonesia.